Ole Worm’s cabinet of curiosities, from Museum Wormianum, 1655

I still can remember when my mom yelled me “stop asking!”. Maybe that was the time when my bookshelf started fulled. All kind of books from encyclopaedia to romance novel, made my world. If the topic was too difficult then I watched documentary movie. Why it is happening? why do I need to do this? and why I felt like this?

When I was young, it was so hard to question to someone. People were embarrassed by being questioned and change the subject or just said “time will tell”. I get used to search my own answer to be satisfied. Although there were no completed answers, still I could find many explanations but myself. I looked for my asterism or my sex to find why I am different with the others or what I am look like this figure. Progressively, questions are rather getting difficult than simpler.

Recently, I have a passion about the tasting of beer or even I can say Beer stimulate my curiosity. It started 3 years ago when I came to London for the first time. At that time, London was not my favorite place to live. British english made confused and I was not plan to be in London to study English at first place. Enthusiastic London lover classmates energetically spoke how wonderful city we are. And then, I met “Pub” culture. I was so surprised London has around 74 breweries with all different flavor. Even though Japan also has very good Sake places, it is expensive to try very good one. First, I tried Pale Ale which I even did not know about existence. Lager is the one which has an immense popularity among Japan and Korea. Mild and composed sense hit my tongue. IPA and Porter followed my experiences. I wanted tried out all kind of differences between breweries within IPA. Beginning of interest is always so instantly comes to my life, so even I do not realise it have begun. As well as curiosity. Curiosity and interest are interactive process. Both are formed simultaneously and also fade away before I seizing it.

For this term, I got a assignment about investigation. For the first briefing, I have brought large amount of research. However, after finished my briefing, I could not stop thinking I am missing something. I liked research start point because it had a story and concept. Still, large black hole occupied my mind. It made me fussy. After few hours of thinking I finally understand what made my research superficial. Lack of curiosity and passion to obtain knowledge about one subject. As I had a fervor to beer, I needed a subject that I can lost myself. I have not observe enough until I found something. Just choosing the place or one general theme was not enough to made me curious. I needed specific something that I can get into for.

I like stuff my Wunderkammern. For a long time, I think I stopped go further from pinch of curiosity in a way. I think I need to start again. NO. I must.