who was there

15, OCT, 2016 who was here

Hall is very interesting place. Because I do not know everyone, so I can arbitrarily interpret them as a stranger. Their behavior and practice are always amuse me. Remains, the past of their belongings, telling me the story. Where they were stayed and what they were eating. I cannot know what exactly happened, but I can understand what was might happened and make my story from that point.

Unsurprisingly, all the object has some stories itself intentionally or unintentionally. Information of object  is like a trace of the owner which has liberty without owner’s experience, its information can be appeared more clearly. Without interruption, emerged information is whispering me their story.

However, once I accept their story, it became my story. The story is not belonged to them anymore. Of course, it can be the other’s story after I told someone or show my picture to someone. This mixed information changed its shape from here to there but still one story of us.

What can you tell me from my story? That is the story of your based on my story and will became our story since we shared. Its process cannot be ceased in some point. Design or art are just captured one point which is already resides and make other division. However, we cannot say it is true or wrong. I just capturing them and show to the other, in this sense, observation is also can be a practice of one-sidedness sharing information.

As elements can become sunshine to solar energy and observed by tree and once again become green pigment to painting pigment. This process is infinitely repeated. By showing the information, artist and designer become a part of circulation.

I think there is one action that I have total discretion is memory of my past. Until I start to speak out to loud, I have perfect dominion with information. Its information started from my inside but based on the matter. It is fragile by ownerself. It also changed altered, however, I have uncontrolled and uninterpreted freedom for manoeuvre. Also, I have the power to choose disappear or maintain by leave the trace such as writing or painting.

I am stated therefore I am no longer exist.

Maybe? maybe not