What I Should Do Consider as a Designer

What I Should Do Consider as a Designer
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  • Visual relationship
  • Aware the technological
  • improvise new combination
  • coordinates material
  • spectator’s predilection

Experiment –> Perceive –> Analyse –> Organise –> Symbolise –> Synthesize

Analyse (Kant)

  1. Comparing
  2. examine
  3. relating
  4. distinguishing
  5. abstracting
  6. deducing
  7. demonstrating
    • The given
    • The formal (space, colour, composition, value)
    • psychological (visual, perception) optical illusion

Designer’s art

  • graphic design is essentially about the visual relationship, providing meaning to a means of unrelated needs, ideas, words, and pictures.
  • Ideals ought to aim at the transformation of reality – William James
  • Beautiful & useful
  • Repetition  – emotional force generated by repetition
  • without the basic rules or disciplines, however, there is no motivation