Very Personal and Very General

Caution : This words do not represent me 

Most of the time, I am thinking about myself. All the years and days, through my whole life, I am thinking about only myself. All the questions and curiosities come from me, from physical matters to mental difficulties. It is because I can just surely questioning and answering about my present, and also I believe any of my thought and understanding about outside of my brain cannot represent the others. I can explore through my bodies which are wholly generated by my brain, but it is mine and constitution of myself, even if your existence helped to start. Since I can remember myself, or since I could feel my existence, I have been wondering why I am doing certain things and feel that ways. So, I cannot help myself.

Some people could say that I am talking about my memories again(!) as I always did on my blog. Well, I guess that is human nature, wanting to know what I am and where I come from. So I should apologise first because it is not the story about general human history but myself.

Before asking about Human, I should have separate myself and the others. Myself could part of human nature, but human nature didn’t include in me. Or it can be opposite. Therefore I could understand some of me from human nature but to fully understand myself I should define Human and clarify core of my part. I do not believe many philosophers studied human mind because they loved their species. I think they fond themselves much more, so unavoidably, they should consider their parents first. How narcissist they were! Pardon me if I am too sarcastic, but I rather call me masochism, because I am one of them.

I am alive and have senses, also can pass my gene to next generation with my eggs (although I did not check properly yet), so I guess I am living organism. My DNA – follow my DNA analysis – mostly passed by Korean 98%, but before 300 years ago, my blood mixed with Japanese and Chinese. It is possible to say my ancestors come from Chinese if we are talking about the modern geographical situation. Of course, I am Asian. Anyone can figure through my appearances. Black hair and black – some friends told me it is brown – eyes. Even my bone structure is telling me I got many of my genes from a specific flow of DNA. I have more natural endurance and muscles. My face is not getting red easily by alcohol god bless Korean gene. I may have young looking thank for my mom’s gene or from above.

Is it explaining about me?

All of the information can explain about part of my blood – stored my genesis stories. As DNA is only saving their mortgage for future, whole earth creature’s stories are in Me, and all of us. We all sharing 99% of genes, since we had a massive total extermination. Only remained som Sapience made this world. Again, thanks to Eve Sapience.

Any of this is not me. At least, is not comes from me, it comes from the others. All of this information – visible, detectable and collectable information is not me. This information could generate or stimulated from my existence, but never comes from my present. In another word, it is you. It is the information which you can measure, distinct and classify about me, How? Through the generalised and scandalised sign of the information which we call Modern Language. Since, all human can sense and decipher only through own senses – or let’s say after Babylon tower we cannot understand spoken language each other, there is just one source to digest the exterior information as a general Knowledge. It is measurable Language. Datum point and It is now we call “Information Data – metadata”. I wonder how many people had a chance to questioning about what they truly are. Not as information, not asking yourself you are normal or why and how you are different with the others but how you think. I think, “who I am” question is not solvable by any information from outside. It is a question directly asking to you. How you feel, how you are.

All the feelings that have afflicted on my whole life. All the emotions that I wanted to get answers. None of that can translate into any language at once. It needs stories to carry away. They need a carrier to weave in one – ME. I am the only one existence which storing whole context archive. Maybe someone calls it Brain or someone depicts it as the SURFACE. But as I am claiming my current, it is still “manifest me”.

I am a designer. At least I think I am a visual communicator. I love myself, as Narcissus who was watching his reflection on the fond. So, I want to know what you are thinking. How you see the world. How we look at each other. How I and you are thinking about all of the World. I believe it is inseparable devotion. Many times, I was telling people I do not trust spoken and written Language. I still do. This is why I always chose to observe surroundings and stories left behind. It takes times because I need to follow up your time. However, that times tangled in you, it will become in one once we follow each other.

Please tell me your stories from the inside of you.
Images and Imaginations will tie up the stories,
And then, one day. I will not alone anymore.