Searchable memory

I was confused about my Project. More I asked myself more I have lost direction. The mind map is not clear as a physical paper map. It moves all direction without the timeline. Some point past being present and future became the past. As if text started from the last page, and went back to the back page, thinking is not linear to organise in the frame.

Last year, I tried how reading operates in our mind, more specifically, in our consciousness. Because human recognition is a combination of stimuli and stored experience, and that stimuli are only used 10% from our eyes, actually we are storing information on the object over and over. Memory, which is the concept we call storing place, is whole mixed recognitions. It also influenced by culture, which we can call it as group memory. In this sense, human (individually) producing and storing information and through sharing process, it makes culture memory/experience. 

Internet, Deleuze claimed temporal memory, is the same function that we are making society. The problem from the cultural aspect is temporary has very little responses to organise context. Culture itself became context to recognise real. It is very hard to break down like Website Link and Paper Page.

One thing ( or maybe more) most beneficial and efficient function of the internet is “Searching” or “Ctrl + F”. It allows a chance to go back to context when it was written. As the book has pages, it broke down letter by letter and people by people. It also allows seeing the world as Individual back and forward. Many search engines such as Google or Yahoo provide to information opportunity to survive as an each “Vision”. For example, “tag” function now we familiar, allows a different point of view of people or object which remained as different. Now all the object alive as individual not as a whole. This pulverised images stored imaginary one and whole place and constitute “Culture”.

We lived so short visible and seeable period through technology such as TV, Radio and photography, and now “Searchable” became another power as a political matter.