Reflect Journal for a day - 15.08

Write, record

  Today, finally I slept almost 8 hours. It was normal to me sleep 10 hours a day. So, I guess I am getting better to get my own phase.

  Today’s dinner was Korean. I am not always fond of Korean food. It is because I cannot eat spicy food well, also I have shellfish allergy (many of Kimchis use shrimp sauce). The place name BIBIGO is I guess comes from the Korean word BIBIDA (means mix) and BIBIM BAB(mixed rice with vegetable). 11 members of my classmates were joined today’s dinner. I do not know they tried Korean food before or like it, but it is always pleasure to try different culture.

 Basement was quite cozy and just fit for 11 people. Most of them ordered different foods. 4 of fermented soybean soups, and the others selected noodles and beef dishes.

Reflect, think about

 It was comparatively more interesting what they are choosing than Korean. As Korean has a specific images about the Korean cuisine, they had no boundaries to choose dishes. Some have chose Ramen, the others have chose marinated beef and spicy fried chicken. For me, fried chicken or Ramen is not for dinner. I take that as a nibbles.

 I think sometimes it is more interesting that observing people’s choice from foreigner food than experience exotic dishes myself. Follow cultural culinary images, people draw picture from the description from the menu. It is likely to leads wrong direction and reaches totally different expectation.

 Menu caption explain ingredient and how it cooked, grilled or roasted or broiled. But, it is not working as a picture, because people have diverse imaginations. It is a fun part when I going out to dinner at unfamiliar food.

Analyze, explain, gain insight

 Communication through the written words is unexceptionally hard working. Previous research is necessary to clear connection. Same word can be interpreted diverse ways. Communication needs major premise which people share their culture.

 Cuisine  is most culture based custom. It can be changed in any situation, by climate or period of time et cetera. In terms of vulnerableness, It is hard to grasp core idea from the others.


 I always curious about how much communication can going bad or wrong. What if, actually anything did not convey to the others even after few hours conversation? As if I am talking by myself, all my words were gone to void?

 I think caption of menu is interesting in this flow of thinking.