How can we show it is really happening right now? Or happened in the past? We all rely on our senses and thinking which is generated in the small wrinkled brain. Brain can lies us. Actually, it lies us many time through our life. Too much stress or impact makes brain to avoid situation and made a illusion to prevent harm precious small box. The brain can be deciedved, so we cannot it is perfect tool for recognition of the world.

 Sometimes, when I go to travel more than a week, I started feel that my previous life is dream and now is real. Be confused by feeling. It was happened all the time when I studied in Japan. Once a year, I went back to my mom’s house in Korea and stayed for a month. After a week, when I started use to living in Korea, I was thinking what was that moment I was living in Japan. Because, it feels so far a way as if I was dreaming for a long time. Even though I still connected with my friends on the internet, I cannot trust my thinking anymore. Who can certify that things really happened in the past? On top of that, if that was my personal experience, no one can prove that is real but me. However, I cannot believe myself because I know sometimes I hide in my fantasy and distort the actuallity. What if that was only my illusion and I was just staying and dreaming. 

 I think “I am thingking therefore I am” sentence only can prove that I am exist but it can’t say about the others.