Note (1)

For many years the speed of human technology developed so fast, most of us did not understand what is happening and where it could go further. Most predominant and necessary smartphone now possessed most of our input through our visual senses. Surprisingly, it was only ten years ago, when Apple introduced a well-known rounded featured iPhone. From the basic form of preserving system – Culture to the Language, it was the progression of the frame. How information put in the frame as a well-developed knowledge and finally could become fundamental wisdom, rather than which information is used from abstracted data. Possibly, it was because document, which was expensive and hard to learn progressive technic, was selected and survived through the organic process. Equalised with the value of the preserving form, the information within the frame should be chosen according to Great Wisdom. As soon as the cost of the information preservation decreased following of the machinery revolution, the value of the frame could not represent the content anymore, and it unveiled intact information itself without decoration. Now, Information itself should attest its existence. Many potential applicants attached and glued from outside without materialised body to be the conductor of the frame and claim for the right to exclusive possession of the information. The artificially idealised frame has been provided by people. Modern instantness deprived organic extinction and coerced to choose as a receiver.

Suddenly, the appearance of the Internet changed the sense of perspective. It had disconnected remained physicality of the information and passed on to perception. Networked digital information technology, which is most of them related to visual effect, has become the dominant mode through which we experience the everyday. However, the human brain can use only 10% of the information from the eye to perceive (Lotto, 2017). Visible information can be distorted and controlled through purposely edited even in the high-resolution screen. Now all the action to connect with information is through finger – pinch, swipe and touch.

Is knowledge understanding? To understand we should marginalise inside the box,