MAGCD Pinup 22 JAN 2018

  1. In your opinion, what are the intentions of the work?
  • The intention of the work seems to be how changing the frame changes what you see in it
  • the meaning (why) is not clear
  • why is the sound important?
  1. what is being communicated?
  • The pixels are changing the image
  • The meaning is not understood yet, it seems quite vague. We understand what to do but now why?
  • distortion is created
  • Makes you more aware of framing devices
  • Alters your perception of the same image
  1. How is the design/visual language facilitating communication and interpretation?
  • The piece is interacting and allowing the viewer to participate becoming playful, therefore, makes people more engaged and wanting to join
  • it’s framing the space
  • contemporary medium / old medium -> why where they used?
  • is there reason to be black and white? is it to be less distracting and for the viewer to focus more on the effect?
  1. How could the intentions of the work be better implemented?
  • Hoe does scale change the frame? ( Maybe you could play with that )
    Main Figure and character of the kind of the frame.
  • Experimenting with more contrasting filters could alter over our perception of image more.
  • Experiment with more theme than just frame is order to be more obvious are you continuing with the theme space as frame?
  • Having two different machines invites a comparison between the two.

* Kurt Schwitters, Okola, 1926

Kurt Schwitters: Color & Collage Princeton University Art Museum through June 26, 2011 Valery Oisteanu

Peter Bissegger Reconstruction of Kurt Schwitters’s Merzbau, original Merzbau ca. 1930-37, destroyed 1943, reconstruction 1981-83 154-3/4 x 228-3/8 x 181 inches Sprengel Museum Hannover

VIDEO ROOM 1000 COMPLETE MIX — All 1000 videos seen in sequential order! – YouTube
“Sandbox” at Santa Monica Beach (2010) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer on Vimeo
* Kinetic Art
HD Ultimate Kinetic Art Compilation – YouTube

Personal Opinion

Observing what they are talking. Through them/their language and talk audience. Invisible -> visible
* How to generate a communication/conversation between image and audience. Which means image talk without the designer -> audience receive -> audience reply -> finally I can witness all the process.
* What is the motion of the frame?
* What is the characteristic feature of the frame. I mentioned 3 feature. 1. manifestation 2. configuration 3. emancipation


  • Profile -> self-manifestation. Being a frame
  • How frame moves