During I was working on my second assignment, which I was researching about Facebook Terms and Service, I started thinking what is the interpretation. Especially about myself.

How I can say I am here? Of course, I am doing something and making some kind of by-product, carbon dioxide and skin scrapes or this writing. But, if no one witnessed my remains and still can I claim I was here and I will be somewhere? That was the start I was thinking about existence. A person who are called “Moon” is exist as a “Moon” but that is not “I”. “Moon” is someone is proved or perceived by someone. It is always possible “Moon” replace me as “I”. But still, that will be not “I” forever, because, “I”is the one no one can see. On the other hand, “Moon” only can be subsisted when someone confirm there is “Moon”

“Moon” is constructed through the images. It means, actually, “Moon” is not existe as a object. It is existe as a subject always in contrary “I”is always object and material. Moon and I never can be coexisted together. They are separated, because object cannot be replaced by subject. After it replaced they both are disappeared. But what is “I” that is thinking now? who is trying to understand and prove myself? What if I started call me other name, then, there will emerge another subject still is not “I”

What makes “Moon” real? I always thought it is started from naming to baby. People started to give a name to baby when they are inside. Before that, even if they are there it actually no meaning of existence. Scary thing is, since baby got the name, actual baby is vanished and replaced by images. People seeing the baby’s body but talk to the one who was given a name. Only one who can say I am here is only “I”. However, it can be proved by the other, therefore, it also can said there is no one.

Produce something, is actually only the way to show someone there was someone. It barely and partially show fragment of me but still the best way to shout out there was someone who wanted to be existed. Every moment, New myself is accidently born from the trace and memories. I cannot control interpretation about “Moon” because it is not “I”. Even, Art or Writing changed to other images and other meaning soon after it is fell apart from “I”‘s hand. Interpreted “Moon” replace “I”.

I do not reject anything about interpretation. But still, I feel there is no power to control. Only I can control is “Thinking”. That is the only free area no interpretation or disruption. I am thinking today, and I will be thinking tomorrow.