Write the Comma

Write the Comma
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

In retrospect, it made me feel like challenging running. So many things happened altogether and changed from all different perspectives. I run too hard, but still not satisfied with what I have now. Maybe that’s my way of dealing with a tough life. I run, and I’m still running.

I had some dreams, the dreams that showed me what would happen otherwise. Well, it’s all my dream, fantasy, a possibility from my brain, my logical brain in its own law, so anything possible if that shares the same ground as I experienced in real life. That’s, I believe, the nature in the concept of the future. I run a whole year without actually cleaned out remains and toward forwarding only, so maybe those dreams mean that I need to reorganise the things before I move on to the possibles. In this first year, I wanted to achieve something other than academic, and I think I got 1/5 of that, still a long way to go.

I will restart my short writings here and plan what I want to make for the next. But all before that, I do want some real rest. Maybe in a week or two, I want to watch films and read some casual readings. I was thinking of starting YouTube, but I’m not sure what YouTube is about. Maybe I can make videos about what I am learning now.

I think this kind of short writings might be good for refreshing the new round.