According to the Schedule

One fear that I have always is that things are not following my plan. I’m not a good organiser nor a good planner. I forget schedules or appointments and sometimes intentionally close my eyes shut to the outside. So, I should keep checking my diary and calendar not to remember what I have but to remind me what I should do. I am still unsure how to organise the reading list and video clips, but I entrust my luck and chance to encounter essays or books. Sometimes, I have too many books to read; then, I forget what I thought I would read later. I admire someone who can be sure what they plan to do.

In this sense, my writing and making, in many cases, follow the flow of daily ideas and chances, which might be consistent but might be fruitful with various sources as my interests are across borders. For example, I started my writing with the meaning of the frame by Jacque Aumont, and then my references were moved to the image perception period. That means I started from the cinematic understanding of the image to the image perception that might be the ground knowledge for the cinema practice.

When I started to gather up all the references and my pieces into a whole, I found that there was a slight gap between the writing flow, which directly connects the frame and outside of the frame into the seeing-as by Wittgenstein, and finally, with the Desktop screen film. It might need to be calibrated but also should smoothen the logical connections, which might take a week.