Collaborative Exhibition (September Update)

Collaborative Exhibition (September Update)

There are two things that go together. One is my personal practice of developing the square frame style with the sensation of floating and hovering, which connotes, I believe, contemporary subjectivity in the radically digitalised and globalised environment. The other is a collaborative practice within the exhibiting of artwork. Both of them are synchronised in terms of personal and collaborative. Thus, I think it might be worth updating each month about the process.


Since early September, I have started to develop a new square style into multiple frames. Until now, with 10 videos, I used only landscape, but I’m also thinking of making a portrait. It might be more difficult than the conventional ratio, but I can use Mommy (2014) by Xavier Dolan as a reference.

I also found my old note on the frame. It is also useful to reflect on how I can progressively make my own style.

Finally, I got more ideas about how I could play with the image. William Kentridge certainly has a different understanding and approach to the moving image. Still, some of his distinctive styles, such as making frames by erasing and drawing on the same paper methods, can be used in the digital image. I might need to do some experiments.


Last time, we had a meeting with two agendas. The first was to make our abstract for the proposal clearer, the second was to discuss some of our topics in expanded versions. Before our meeting, we had planned to show our text about “Normal” in 500 words.

We both shared and explained our own definition of normality or Normalcy. In Yoojin’s term, we found significant differences between the two. I believe this difference generates diversity in style, method, and ideas, and maybe it can be applied to Roland Barthes’s idea of “Neutral.” Our abstract is closely related to our understanding of “normality or normalcy.” Thus, we should keep having a conversation about this matter.