Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari

“Munari, Bruno. Design as Art. Penguin Books, 2008.”

without losing his innate authentic sense he must be able to respond with the humility and competence to the demands is neighbours make of him.

Designers re-establishes the long long last contact between art and the public. Bruno said that live in people and art as a living thing has the long lost contact. Instead of pictures for the drawing room, or for the kitchen distinct to use is become the art what is the everything use is the design he explains. Therefore up to us designers to make non-hour working muscles and clear and simple Tom, the math those with think are the truest, the most up to date, the most likely to resolve our common authentic problems. Reset play the art is not beautiful object anymore, it is hard to understand and ambiguous and even ridiculous,. Our methods are daily asserting themselves as the fittest way of gaining the confidence of a man at large, And of giving a minute meaning to our present way of life. Design came into being in 1919, when Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus and Weimar.

The function of art has in the past been given a For more importance which has served sobered it from our daily life art is always present when the people leave sincerely and helping lead our job is therefore to invent a new system of education that may lead by way of a new kind of a specialised teaching of science and technology to a public knowledge of human needs and the universal awareness of them.
Does our task is to make a new kind of artist, the creator capable of understanding every kind of need not because he is the prodigy, But because he knows how to approach Yumin needs of cording to a precise enough those. We wish to make him come see us of his creative power, not scared of new fats, and independent of formulas his own work

Is it design was related to that daily life daily needs the function of art shifted and the remains goes to the design is system universal awareness of human needs.