A Week Before WIP

I always thought I was born as a communication designer.
But I started to doubt about contemporary design itself.

“Personal Curiosity in the field is a SIN
but the curiosity engaging with society is correct”

I just wanted to ask, why pure curiosity and pure desire is claimed as a useless or wasteful behaviour. Isn’t entire human history and knowledge had built on somebody’s curiosity? On that “Useless” trials?

Honeybees do not build in a hexagon in purpose. They just build a circle but environment changed into the hexagon. Changing is unavoidable, but the changed and survived result is not necessarily proof that the first aim was growth or efficiency. Evolution was not aimed at efficiency but desire. It interpreted as efficiency because people want to see in that way. There is no fucking EFFICIENT OR BEST SOLUTION. We are the one who is making or adapting the environment. Even if it survived once, that is not means that is the perfect answer.

I feel no one care about “present” anymore. What we are using, how we are living. People talk about the Present when only talk about the future. If we can’t understand Present, US, Right now, how’s past can make any changing for future? It seems, there is only past and future without present tense.

Wittgenstein claimed human communication or understand is a fucking confusing game. The meaning of the word is constantly changing by people and culture. We only can guess vaguely, follow the evidence of the context.

The problem is, I think I am not a contemporary or even postmodern person. I can’t understand what our society wants from me. I feel I was denied my existence to be in the present because I am not “EFFICIENT” for society.

Fucking no clue.