A Man Replaced Retina / Zbig Rybczynski

A Man Replaced Retina / Zbig Rybczynski

The culture Between international and organic in reality have a different direction. To explain the picture of the organic culture, Lev metaphorically called it as “Remix”. After postmodernism, which was the remix of the traditional and modern style, and now the second step of the remix triggered remix of the traditional and the cultural sensibility. Lastly, those remixes combined together new concept changes by the globalization remix.

Soon after remix became easier, thank Camera and the Live broadband, numerically represented data outraged organical signals, which was delivered and received by uncontrollable organ devices.

Editing and Montage make fiction. Compare with the documentary, which uses the least amount of the editing and direct instance, still remains the relationship with the real world, Timebase Montage – individual snaps configure the linear last moment, and the frame limited editing to makes fictional space. Furthermore, those montages and editing mark spontaneously provide distance between fictional and real. In the edited space each layer existed individually with an individual identity. For example, time linear and spacial can obtain their own identity, as each data saved in their own space, it is not whole-bodied and hard anchored finished work. Whenever it can be changed by the other objects.  However, those identities can be contained until be witnessed by the audience.  Each viewer and audience allow the characteristic figure and newly formed identity within that layers provided space. Which means although the changes of the layers inter-correlated each other and exchangeable unlimited opportunity, the interaction and the relationship between the inside of the frame and the outside of the frame operated in a different dimension.

The power of the audience induce universal equality to every layer, and that equality provide average equilibrium. None of the layer, yet, extricate from the frame. Since many artists try to make inner mind or abstracted invisibility present, attempts failed by materiality. Sensibility is the only and best friend with materialized objects. It takes away fictional mind unless images and the frame space designed to be distanced from the audience. Moving images got the throne of the fictional world even though their parent photography contrary got the fame of the documentation time and space. Both types of frame chose a very different position. However, now numeric representation starts put both in the same fictional world. New frame – computational screen space is absolute egalitarianism. Nonetheless of complicated or spectacular images placed in same RGB – Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels.

Zbig Rybczynski

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Untitled: No. 2 of 11 (1992), John Latham. © The John Latham Estate. Courtesy Lisson Gallery. Photography: Ken Adlard